Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pru and Millie

New additions to our family. Long story, but suffice it to say that hubby wanted a Bassett and I wanted a smaller dog. Actually, I wasn't trying for two dogs, I just wanted one that was smaller, but you see how that worked out. Prudence or Pru for short is the Bassett and Millie is the terrier. Millie is actually taller than Pru, but weighs a whole lot less.
Both are rescue dogs and entered our home with their own baggage.
Pru is afraid of children. We are guessing that there may have been a bit of abuse in her former life, but since she doesn't speak English it is hard to tell what goes on in her mind. She moved in on the 9th of March. The rescue agency said she is 2 but I would be surprised if she is over a year. She has a lot of puppy left in her. House breaking is one of the first orders of business in Pru's life with us. Chewing might be second in line. She is very affectionate, but doesn't do well in crowds. I am hesitant to believe that she will be suitable in the new camper that is being built as I write this.
Millie seems to have her own set of issues. She has a very nervous disposition, but she is getting more comfortable as we get to know her better. She moved in on the 16th of March and since then we have found that she has heartworm. We can't seem to leave the blinds down, she tears them up on us if we do. Some latent hostility toward window dressings or something. She makes it hard for me to do my Bible study in the morning since she reaches for my hand that I am writing with and pulls on it. You should see the interior of my journal lately. One morning I was so overwhelmed by dog that I had to do my Bible Study in the bathroom with the door closed. I understand what mothers feel like when they need a break from children. Anyway, I closed the door and had my time alone with God while the beasts waited on the other side for their next opportunity. Millie was spayed on Monday and is working on healing up from that. Her former life seems to have involved raising pups. She had a litter when she came to rescue and we suspect she may have had other litters as well. Rescue thinks she is a Corgi mix; I see some Jack Russell in her. I am watching her to see if she has issues with men. She hasn't warmed up to Kenny as much as I had expected.

So far, Millie doesn't seem to like to sleep at night. As soon as the lights go out she gets more nervous. We have been putting her in a crate, but that just seems like jail to me. Many people swear by it and I am trying to give the practice the benefit of the doubt.

Since Pru and Millie have moved it, it seems that there is a whole new order of activity. Cleaning up messes on the carpets, feeding, keeping them from eating each others foods, making sure each gets equal strokes in the affection department all have consumed a rather quiet existence with just lounging with the cat in the evenings. More on the cat in another blog. There is also the aspect of training the husband to assist with the training of the dogs. I don't know who is harder.

The Lord has brought these creatures into our care and I hope they enjoy their new lives. I know mine has certainly changed.

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Regina Watson said...

Love your blog Just reading it makes me want to run down and visit . I miss you so very much and am unable to get out much.
Keep up your adventures and blog them in. Love Aunt Regina