Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Air Flight Museum - Warner Robbins AFB

While in Perry for the Holiday Rambler Rally we took a trip up to Warner Robbins AFB to the Museum of Aviation. They had lots and lots of planes used in all the various wars and shared how each type of plane was used to maintain our freedoms here in the states.
I didn't know that Carl Vinson was the force behind getting the air base established here. He was very proud of his accomplishments for his home community.
Entrance to the museum is free, so if you are ever in the area (just south of Macon, GA) drop by and see all the history! I liked the plane pained with the shark face. Kenny was situated just right to receive his vengence.

Rambler Rally Perry GA

The rally site is wonderful. For people who have never experienced a rally, it is an event when campers who have Holiday Ramblers come together and catch up with one another. There are craft classes, workshops, games, entertainment and lots of fun.

Line for Peach Cobbler at Holiday Rambler Rally. We all love good food and there was plenty of it at our rally.

We have a wonderful air conditioned space - Thank God. It has been so hot outside that we almost couldn't bear it. Average temps are between 98 and 105.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mistletoe State Park

We landed for the evening on the second day of vacation at Mistletoe State Park just north of Augusta Georgia. It was tremendously hot and humid, but it was nice to land in such a beautiful location. I thought we would take a walk after dinner, but I found that I was so tired that we went to bed shortly after dinner to rest.

In the morning, I took a walk (still warm and humid). I got to watch the sun rise, an egret searching for his morning feast, a group of 5 deer feeding along the lake some turtles, a woodpecker and a squirrel who scurried up to me as if I might have a handout for him.

I sat and watched the lake for a while anre realized in my frenzied pace of life, I miss out on a lot of simple joys. I never would have noticed the turtles heads above the surface of the water if I had been in a hurry. Stopping to enjoy simple pleasures was exactly what I needed. There is still much to be done, but today there is time to have a little refreshment.

Seeing Sister

I was excited to see my sister Gracie as we traveled through Greenville on the second day of vacation. She brought Patrick my nephew along and met us for lunch at the IHOP. We had a great salad and then I got to go to the music store I read about on line.

My sister is great! I am so glad God picked her for me. Sometimes you just get lucky!


People ask me about boondocking in our travel trailer. How do you find a location, what do you do, how does it work, etc. We do have a directory of places that allow RV's to boondock, but since the recession, I notice there are a lot more abandoned businesses that make perfect boondock locations.

We were able to find a place just outside of Danville for our first night of vacation. It was quiet and peaceful. We were even able to park a little way away from the road so we didn't hear street sounds.

We have a generator we used to provide air conditioning, but otherwise we had everything we needed contained in the trailer.

Boondocking isn't really a vacation destination, but if you are trying to make distance and all you need is a place to lay your head for a few hours; boondocking can be just the ticket to keeping the trip on schedule.

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in the Summertime!

For the last few weeks I have grumbled to my husband about all the reasons why we shouldn't go on vacation. Work has been so overwhelming and I didn't feel like I could take time away. I am behind on several deadlines, so vacation itself was beginning to be one more thing that I needed to add to my list of things to manage.

Though I really didn't look forward to the trip, I am already beginning to feel the stress melt away. I feel like my normal life is slowly fading away. I think this may be just what the doctor ordered.