Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nehemiah Study

This summer I have begun a study in Nehemiah. I think I was doing a devotional one day and realized how he had to endure a lot of opposition and had a lot of leadership challenges. I am beginning a new endeavor at work and am challenged with creating a program that will reach our entire region with tools to increase their financial stability. Since God opened this door for me, I realize that this is his endeavor and that whatever is done should glorify him. I am also humbled as this is a project bigger than anything I have ever done before; I know I need the Lord's help to make this a success. Nehemiah seemed to have a lot in common with me.

I am hoping that as I go through this study, that I will see principles I can apply to leadership and project management. I hope that the Lord will show me how I can increase in my reliance on the Lord and accomplish his purposes in my life and in the lives of those I meet along the way.

I am thrilled at the prospect that the Lord might use me to minister to others in need. I just know I can't do it in my own effort, that I need his wisdom, provision and strength to see this project through.

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