Monday, October 7, 2013

Deciding to full time

About ten years ago I was so envious of full timers. I wanted to join in right then. Say goodbye to the madness of our culture and enjoy a life of simplicity and slower pace. My husband commented that I wouldn't be happy confined in a trailer and I told him, "you just watch me" and moved into the trailer parked next to our house. 

When I share that I live in our RV next to our house, people think we are very strange indeed. Now we are on a journey that will lead us to sell the house and adopt this life forever. This rally is to help us think through the decision carefully. 

Full timing is done in a myriad if ways. Some travel lots; some stay put.  Some park near family; some see all the sites. Lots of decisions to make. While I love the simplicity of full timing, there are anber of things that came up this weekend that make me a little hesitant. 

I got the sense that some people adopt this lifestyle to escape responsibility and work. My intent is not about escape. I want to remain engaged in life and I am not afraid of work. Some people go into this lifestyle without a plan for replacement of their RV or their tow. I would like to plan better. 

I am concerned about remaining in fellowship with committed believers. As an introvert, developing relationship is hard for me. I don't come by them easily and I don't want to give them up. My church is a big part of my life in addition to my personal time in fellowship with The Lord. I don't want to leave that behind. There are RV groups that operate in local missions. It would not be the same but it might allow for fellowship. I don't know that hubby is in the same mindset however. 

Hubby has always found his sense of purpose in collecting things and taking on projects. RVing won't be a good lifestyle for that. He is already having difficulty letting go of his car collection. 
While we both want to full time we are still working in getting on the same page. 

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in. I know how to get along with humble means, I also know how to live in prosperity. I am looking to The Lord to order our steps and to give wisdom to my husband that he can lead our household well. 

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