Sunday, April 8, 2007

Resurrection Day

This is the most wonderful day of the year! Each year we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ remembering that great hope that we have in him. He has conquered death and paid the penalty for sin that we might become adopted as children of God completely reconciled with him.

Though I am chiefly a sinner by nature, I am redeemed! I can sing and dance for joy because I have been the beneficiary of this wonderful grace!

I can't wait to go to worship and sing his praises! In honor of this wonderful day, I am preparing a feast! Good morning cinnamon rolls currently are waiting for consumption. Later we will have a proper feast of ham and scallopped potatoes and the works for dinner!

This is a day of celebration like no other in the year! Christmas cannot even compare with Easter! We have power over sin and death because Jesus has paved the way. And we also know that he is coming back for his people and I believe it will be soon. Maybe even today! For sure it is sooner than it was yesterday.

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