Saturday, June 9, 2007


Just some recent pictures of Pru the Bassett:
I have been practicing with my new camera phone. Pictures are Ok, but not great.
Pru has been thoroughly enjoying her company Sushi and Sassy. Sushi is a Golden Lab/German Shepherd mix who chases birds and squirrels. Pru likes to get Sushi to chase her. Pru runs past Sushi and Sushi tackles. Pru rolls and has a great time. She gets up and makes another pass to do the same thing.
Sassy is a curly haired mop dog. She likes to play ball. Pru doesn't play ball, but she will chase Sassy if she is after the ball.
As a typical Bassett she sleeps whenever she isn't running full speed. On all the way or off all the way -- two speeds to this dog.
She has adopted one of our house guests, Emily as her own. She thinks having a girl is great! We should have gotten one of those before!

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