Monday, May 14, 2007

Millie-dog says goodbye

My heart aches as I share my news about Millie-dog. After much agonizing we determined that we couldn't keep her with us. She was in such great need of constant care and we could not give her everything she needs.
The more we considered what was best for all of us, we determined that we couldn't be sure that Millie would not have a "spell" of axiety and tear the new travel trailer to shreds. Did I mention that we did receive that? I will put a picture up with a future blog.
I am hoping and praying that Millie can find a home that will be able to attend to her and love her the way she needs. We have never had to return a dog before and this just breaks our heart because Millie could be so very sweet and loving. Her memory is forever etched on our hearts.
If you know of anyone who would like to give a frightened little dog a second chance at life, please visit
We returned her at the K-9 Karnival in Virginia Beach on Saturday. There was lots of activity and she recognized some of her old human friends from the rescue. It was all I could do to walk away and not look back. She sure has captured our hearts.

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Hannatu said...

This must have been hard for you. We get so attached to our pets. Our cat is 15 years old and we thought she was dying in January. It was very sad. Anyway, it's better to know what you can and can't handle and to do what's best for all people and animals involved!