Sunday, August 26, 2007

Careful What You Ask For

Recently, I decided to study the character of grace. If you have read some of my prior blogs you have seen my commentary on some of the things that I have learned about grace. I am amazed at the character of grace and how unlike our own natural inclinations it is and how much it speaks of God's character.

In our message this morning, our new interim pastor spoke on Romans chapter 8. One of his comments this morning was that as adopted children of God we are heirs of everything. The resources available to us are beyond our comprehension and how seldom do we display God's power because we don't ask for it.

He said whatever we needed in our lives we should ask God for, whether it be patience, or an ability to guard our words. I asked the Lord to manifest grace in my life. It was almost as if as soon as I asked, the Lord gave me an opportunity to put some of my book learning into application. When I was confronted with a bit of unkindness, I really struggled to be the vessel of grace.

I pitied myself, I cried a bit, I told the Lord that I would like to be delivered from such harshness, but then I remembered that I had asked for grace. I really battled some bitterness and the strong desire to lash out in retaliation. I confessed my bad attitude to God and repented begging for my pride to be put to death and his character to be made manifest.

I can't say that today I was completely graceful, but the Lord certainly gave me an opportunity to practice. I hope that as the next opportunity presents itself I can be even more graceful and less hurt and prideful.

I pray that the Lord will take my life and mold me and conform me to his image so that his glory will be manifested through this poor broken jar of clay. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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