Sunday, September 16, 2007

BSF Again

I have been waiting all through the summer for fall to begin again. I know students usually dread going back into the structured days of classroom again, but I have been looking forward to beginning my studies anew.

Bible Study Fellowship has provided me the best opportunity for solid Bible Study. We don't have a particular teacher apart from the Holy Spirit who teaches us everything we need for witnessing. Our textbook is the Bible itself. No commentaries, no opinions of others; just the Bible and the Spirits teaching.

We are accountable for daily Bible Study and the passages studied for the week are broken down into daily lessons. We answer questions about the meaning of the passages and personal applications we see. After going through the lessons independent from other classmates and other teachers, we share our answers together in a small group and then listen to a lecture on that passage. Following the lecture, we receive a handout of notes on the passage that explain how the passage has been traditionally interpreted. Each week we review the same passage in for different ways so that the lessons we learned alone in study are reinforced by the group, the lecture and the notes we receive.

This year we are beginning a wonderful study in the book of Matthew. We will be learning how Christ fulfilled the prophesies of the Old Testament and the many examples from the Old Testament in the law and history that pointed to Christ's coming. We will study about how only Jesus could have fulfilled all the prophesies. I am hoping that from this study I will be a stronger witness for the Lord and will know more about how the Old Testament and New are tightly interwoven into one great story!

If you have a Bible Study Fellowship in your area, I would encourage you to find a class and join. What a wonderful way to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Check this website for a class near you!

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Anonymous said...

I have Bible Study every other Monday with our Priest and any person interrested then we have Bible study every other Tuesday when possible with my friends Nellie and Marilyn
We learn so much. I feel like I was just a baby with very little knowledge of the real meaning of the Bible.
Love Aunt Regina