Sunday, September 30, 2007

Visiting Graceland

Most people who know me know that I really enjoy visiting the unusual places. If it is the first, the biggest or famous for some reason, I like to visit and learn about it's story. Graceland seemed to be right up my alley. We found that Graceland had a campground directly next to the mansion. It sounded like a great place to check out.

When we got off the exit, we found that the pavement is in particularly rough condition. Upon arrival to the campground there were no spaces available. Finally, the entrance fee to Graceland was $30+. It was more than I wanted to spend for an oddity. I will leave Graceland to all the Elvis lovers.

We later found a campground just south of Memphis that had space, was a little further out of the city and has internet so that I can update you on our progress. Sorry I don't have pictures of Graceland for you, but I will find some even more interesting places to photograph for you!

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Carla Lindquist said...

Enjoying your trip along with you. Pru is enjoying her "vacation" too!! Hope all is well!!