Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mid America Science Museum and BSF

Kenny had an absolutely wonderful time at the Mid America Science Museum. They had several engineering displays as well as some exhibits on how vortexes and tornados are created. I have pictured Kenny near an exhibit that shows how siphons work. He pumped the water to an overhead tank which then siphoned to several other tanks.
The museum was featuring some power and electrical displays including a Tesla Coil that had 1,500,000 volts of electricity that was released inside a cage. We learned the story about Nikola Tesla and all his inventions that really didn't get the attention for him that he truly deserved. He was a genius who laid the foundation for much of our electronics today.

I got to visit a Bible Study Fellowship class while I was in Hot Springs. I was just amazed that though we are from separate classes that I written virtually the same words in answer to the first question related to our response to the prior weeks lecture. We had listened to two different lecturers, but we gathered the same essence. Very cool.

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Anonymous said...

Kenny has always enjoyed pumping water!
He did that in back yard as a youngster!
Thanks ever so much for allowing me to enjoy your travels1