Monday, August 17, 2009

Nehemiah 7

If your story could be recorded for generations to read down through the ages, what would it say? How has God specifically gifted you for service and what have you done with the gifts he has provided? Nehemiah was a detailed record keeper. Thank God that he placed this on Nehemiah's heart to record the hard work that was done and the scope of work that had been accomplished.

Now that the work was done, it is important to make appointments to positions so that the work can be maintained into the future and history need not repeat itself. Nehemiah appoints persons of strong character to serve in places of leadership in Jerusalem. If God was looking down from Heaven today where would he find those people of strong character who will serve him?

Nehemiah had rebuilt the city, but now that the work was complete, it was time to bring back the residents, so he calls a census to be take. He records the numbers that had returned from exile back to Jerusalem and the towns of Judah. Not only does he record the 42,360 people returning, but also their servants and their animals. He records the wealth that was given to the work of the priests.

Nehemiah makes it clear that there was a response to the work that had been done and a desire among the people to re-establish God's holy work in the land where they have returned. I wonder, when our story is written, will such a record be recorded for our lives? Will generations see us as having a desire to serve God or will he see us living among the residents here content with worldly living?

We leave a legacy for good or bad. Today may be the day that people remember for generations, what will it say about you?

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