Friday, August 21, 2009

Nehemiah Chap 11-12

In Chapters 11 and 12, Nehemiah records the repopulation of the city of Jerusalem. One tenth of the populations from each of the tribes was to live in Jerusalem while the rest remained in their own towns caring for their ancestral property. Nehemiah records not only names but positions that were held. Each man passing on a legacy to future generations. It is easy to say that by the time you die that you would like to accomplish certain things…to talk of achievements as being in the distant future, but we don’t know how long we will live and we never know if today might be the day our name goes into the newspaper headlines. Each and every day we are faced with choices and those choices have long lasting consequences.

Occasionally, men get to have a legacy by virtue of some serendipitous event, but more often than not, our legacy is a function of our character which is built day after day as we choose to follow the Lord in the mundane. Today we are building our legacy that will be remembered into the future. God graciously allows us to choose for ourselves what kind of legacy we will leave. Will it be for good or evil? Will we depend on our own efforts or will we glorify God and draw on his strength to meet the challenges of the day?

We have only one life to live and we can live for ourselves, for someone else or for the Lord. In the end our daily choices will evidence our hearts passion. What will those choices say about you? From this passage we learn that God honors our acts done according to his instruction.

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