Sunday, November 10, 2013

Enjoying a day of rest

I have to confess - I like being busy. It makes me feel as if I am living with purpose and impacting my world for good. I think this is mostly a good thing but I also realize my propensity is to crowd my life with so much activity that I cannot stop to enjoy a sunset or a rainbow without throwing off the schedule I must keep. That is why I live these get aways with my husband. We get a chance to decompress, rest and just spend time reflecting and planning - not doing. I love camping with friends and getting to know them better but sometimes alone time is just what is needed. 

Yesterday the doggies and I walked up to the Endless Caverns sign on the side of theountain. This sign can be seen from miles away on I-81. It was a little more effort than I had put into a walk in a while but I felt accomplished when we were done. Later I took a second trip and brought Kenny with me. You can see him in the picture - very small by the letter D. 

Doggie walks, naps and just watching the sunset is just the ticket to rejuvenate this worn out soul!  

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