Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leaf Peeping at Endless Caverns

After a very full two weeks of non-stop running around I was overjoyed when Kenny suggested that we go to the mountains for some leaf peeping. The second week of November is a little past peak but there are still a few trees hanging on to their last leaves. I was really just looking forward to some "down" time. No schedule, no activity just  rest and relaxation. 

Our dogs Bea and Pru were so excited to go. They love the extra time for walking trails and sniffing new smells. Endless Caverns RV park is very rustic but has all the amenities you look for and the views can't be beat. Hope to take my camera with me today and capture a few. 

Strange looking plant. It had such fine stems it looked like a puff ball. 

Frost in the morning. 

Our campsite day one. The rock wall next to it made me nervous that the dogs could get hurt if they were tethered and Kenny couldn't get satellite for TV. He didn't wat to miss his football. 

When Kenny goes leaf peeping he doesn't stop until he finds the biggest of all. 

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