Friday, May 4, 2007

Millie Dog

For those of you who have talked with us recently you know that we have two new adoptions...see thread on Millie and Pru from March. Millie is the terrier mix who seems to be demon possessed. She seems to have episodes of psychotic behaviors and during those times she cannot focus on anything but escape.

This week she has escaped from her crate during the day twice and once escaped has destroyed our mini blinds which we no longer have down over the windows to prevent her from being offended. She even goes after the blinds that are not obscuring her vision. She then pulled the dryer vent off to try to tunnel out that way. We want to not give up on her, but honestly after two months of living with her our nerves are frazzled. Its not just the destruction it is the nervous anxiety that she exhibits that keeps everyone tense. The pacing, no sleeping, the whining.....

We have identified some of the triggers in her anxiety: brooms, mini blinds, men, air conditioning, abandonment or being left alone, confinement, and I am not sure we have come to the end of her list.

During her "episodes" even our Bassett can't seem to find a way to interact with her. She is just in her own world. My husband picks up our new travel trailer today and we just are uncertain of whether this is going to work:

1. Will she destroy the trailer?
2. What will visiting strange new places do to all her triggers?

We do find some isolated times of sweetness and she is quite a loving dog when we can connect with her. I am just not certain that our lifestyle is something she will be able to adapt to; and some of the changes she would have us make, I am not sure that we can. Lord, please help us to help Millie.

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