Monday, July 9, 2007

Creation Museum

My dream vacation! Wow! I was thrilled when our RV caravan was willing to make a detour to Cincinnati to go to the newly opened Creation Museum. What a wonderful time I had.

Skyline of Cincinnati

At the Creation Museum, you get an opportunity to consider the handiwork of God in various forms... Dinosaurs, animal kingdom, the stars and planets; the list goes on. We take a look at all the things God made in the context of his wonderful plan for mankind. Evolution and Radioisotope dating really come into perspective when you start from the foundation of God's word. It doesn't mean that we throw science out the window, it just means that science takes on a whole new realm when we consider not only how God reveals himself in creation, but also how he continues to confirm himself through science.

Me at museum

Kenny and me by the waterfalls at the museum

Fosilized Dinosaur Eggs : consider how quickly a fossil must have formed in order to fosilize these eggs before they hatched.

Gardens at Museum

The show at the Planetarium could not be beat. The museum explained how important our beliefs regarding the first few chapters of Genesis affect how we view the entire Bible and our theology. It takes you through Creation, the Flood, and shows how our theology is affected if we allow the world to influence our thinking about the age of the earth.

I had never thought about the sacrifice that was made of an animal to provide clothing for Adam and Eve the first substitutionary sacrifice in scripture. What a wonderful exhibit at the planetarium as well. They demonstrated how vast and full of diversity our universe is. It really humbles you to think that God would care so much for us after all the greatness of the stars and the planets.

If you can get to Cincinnati, you must make the Creation Museum a stop on your list.

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Hannatu said...

This sounds really interesting. Did you read my blog about the lung fish? Evolutionists like to show how a fish with lungs proves that it evolved from a fish without lungs. I'd like to know why it isn't evolving into something better. I like to think that the Creator made it so that it could live in a desert environment. Who but God could have dreamed up a fish to live in places where there is no rain 9-10 months a year?!