Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the Road with the Irwin's

Roadlife is an adventure. You never know what your are going to get...

Tamarac - Beckley, WV: Our first night on the road was less than suitable in the eyes of Pru our Bassett. We stopped at an overnight truck stop attached to "The Best of West Virginia". Tamarac is a mall like place where artisans sell their very crafty items. There were some beautiful pieces of furniture, paintings, artwork, even decorated sneakers. Beautiful items, but BIG prices. Bring your wallet, they need your money in West Va.

Pru was a little unnerved by boondocking as we were. 18 wheelers running their motors all night next to us. Pru was less than impressed. The truckstop did have ice cream and a Starbucks so there were at least a bit of a treat at the end of a day.
Pru mostly sleeps and Kenny keeps command at the wheel.

While on the road, I read a biography on the life of Oswald Chambers out loud to Kenny as he drove. Occassionally, I would get tired and play my pod. I had downloaded several programs I like to listen to on my Ipod before I left home.
I enjoy vacations on the road because it gives me a chance to reconnect to my husband. With hours and hours together we can converse more than at home when we are ever so busy keeping up with all the "stuff".
By the way, here is something you can do for fun. Take a road atlas and look at the town names in West Virginia. Sod, Cucumber, Man, Job, Tornado... AMAZING. Where did they think all these up? It isn't just in the mountains, but all over the place. West Virginians come up with the oddest names for their towns (like the one called "Odd"). I want to spend a week in WV, just visiting all these towns and ask them what the roots of their names are!

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