Thursday, July 12, 2007

Walton, KY

OakCreek Campground in Walton, KY was our site for perching a few days. It was near the Creation Museum and a nice day's drive from Beckley, WV.

We are traveling with some RV friends of ours in a caravan. We were initially disappointed when we plugged into electric that there wasn't enough to run the basics. We were told that there wasn't anything wrong, but it was hot and the load of all the AC units was too much. Later, when the fuse blew, they got an electrician out and he corrected the root of the problem.

The next day it was the water. The entire campground was without water while they called in a plumber. It wasn't repaired before we left the following day. It really could be a nice campground, but the ownership really needs to invest in maintaining it a little better. Not to worry, we are on vacation and on to the next destination.

Pru enjoying the vacation life.

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