Sunday, July 13, 2008

Club Camping

Some people ask what is the attraction we have to camping as part of a club. What do we do with our time there?

Well, here is just a sample from our recent campout at Jellystone Campground in Emporia. We had some former campers who came by to visit with us and join in our pot luck supper. Carl and Carolyn are dear people who had RV'd and belonged to our club for over 30 years.

We go for walks with our dog friends. Here is Captain, a Maltese owned by one of our members. Captain went on vacation with us last year and will be going again this year!

The children that were at the campground enjoyed playing. Captain joined the fun for a while.

We had a pot luck dinner followed by make your own Sundaes in honor of Mothers Day.

The men sometimes get together to form a thinktank to solve all their operability issues and to re-engineer their units to make them spiffier!

One of our members sadly had to leave us during the weekend, but thankfully they left in time as she had to have her appendix removed that night!

We took a ride on the hay wagon with Yogi and had a great time!

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