Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oak Mountain State Park

Our friend Ruth said that Oak Mountain State Park was very close to where she lives. And it is.... When we talked by phone she mentioned that one entrance of the park was closer to the campground and it would be the best route to take. We entered by that entrance. There was a very steep and winding road taking you to the park then once at the gate, we mentioned that we were going to the campground. The ranger pointed the direction to us and we followed the road. It took you along the breastwork of a dam which made for beautiful scenery, and then we saw that the road dipped down into the overflow of the dam. Wow! Never saw that before!
I wish I had taken some pictures of the actual campground. It was a beautiful park and I would love to go back. If you do try to go there please know that you cannot make reservations by phone during the weekends. They only have one person that works the registration and it is a popular spot, so they can't stop checking people in to answer the phone. Call during the week day for your reservation. By the way, I recommend one. The line for check in was lengthy.

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