Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trip home from Louisiana

I have really fallen behind in my posts....

On our way home we stopped to see Ruth from our former church. She met us in line for a pot luck and commented that we didn't sound like we were from Virginia. As it turned out, she is from the same area of New York that we are and her deceased husband had been related to my uncle in New York. Small world.
We had a great time catching up. I always enjoy her company.
We got to have dinner with her and chat then had breakfast the next morning before heading out to our next destination.
Ruth and I also have both Emmaus and BSF in common so it is so easy to fall into conversation with her.
The picture on the deck is from her house. She has a gorgeous place in Birmingham AL. I had no idea it was so hilly there!

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Visne said...

Surprise, surprise - there were some that I had missed - in July. I love the mini videos. Those Chinese! Ha, ha!
I am glad that Bea is fitting into the family.
Miss you,