Friday, March 28, 2008

B's accident

Our new bassett "B" has her list of phobias... one of them is that she is afraid of the noise that the chain we use to tether her to the trailer makes against the metal steps. Our first night at Rayne, she didn't wait for me to unhook her before she went in. As she went up, the chain rattled against the steps. B was attached by her choke collar. When she heard the noise she pulled harder against the chain and broke her choke collar. That had to hurt! I keep telling her that she would do so much better if she didn't strive so much...

I have been thinking that there is an object lesson for me as well. How often do I strive in my flesh trying to accomplish what I think is best when the Lord calls me apply his precepts and trust him for the outcome. He longs for us to choose his way and so often we strive to accomplish things and only look to him when we have failed and are wounded from the strife we bring to ourselves.

B is really a wonderful dog, but she has not yet learned to trust us when she is fearful. She creates her own chaos and then finds that she is in over her head quite quickly. Lord, help me to trust when I can't see the end, but know that you love us and keep us in your care.

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