Friday, March 28, 2008

My Hero

As we were traveling toward our ultimate destination of Rayne, LA for the Holiday Rambler Southwest Regional Rally, we stopped at a truck stop for a break. As I walked into the truck stop, they had one of those machines where you can try to win a stuffed animal by picking it up with a mechanical arm. Inside the machine was a Tigger. As you may know from previous blogs, my old stuffed Tigger had been unstuffed by rats about a year ago. Tigger has always been the mascot of our trailer because Tiggers love to bounce and that is something that Tiggers get to do back there as we go down the road. Well, I asked my hero if he would win me a Tigger. He gave a big groan and reminded me that those machines are nothing but rip offs. He did however stick his dollar in and won me my new Tigger! I am so happy that Tigger is back! I have a picture of the stuffed Tigger along with my bouncing Tigger that we keep on the table to look out the window as we travel.

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